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The People

Ray Ogier, President

An innovative leader in the chemical production industry for over 40 years! Working for a major chemical processing company for much of his career, Ray was a project and maintenance coordinator performing a multi facetted role. Inventor, designer, production coordinator, laboratory consultant and sales support were just some of these roles.

His many accomplishments include:

Inventor of a motionless mixer, an innovation to the chemical industry.
Inventor of a multiple stage blender for fine dispersions of polymer, starch and ASA combinations with particle sizes below two microns—in a single pass!
Inventor of a pre-wet and distribution cone for starch, clay, talc, kaolin, polymers and caustics. A dream for the chemical industry!

Ray also has extensive pump and metering experience for dry and wet formulas, volumetric feeders, bulk handling and transfer systems. Over his career Ray has developed several successful fatty acid modules for sodium soap, and reclaimed paper products for the pulp and paper industry. His specialty is in designing Dry or Wet Starch Cooking modules. "We make the nicest functional cooker on the market."

Steve Ogier, Production Manager

A twenty-year veteran in fabrication, piping and process trouble-shooting for the chemical, food, medical and manufacturing industries. Working with companies such as Hercules Canada Ltd., Procor, and Taylor Forge, Steve has acquired a broad range of expertise and has worked with many different materials. He possesses the exacting skills and ‘know how’ to work on the most difficult fabrication needs. One piece of work included the fabrication of medical prosthetics used in spinal cord injury patients!

Steve’s additional accomplishments are:

TIG and MIG specialist.
TSSA certificate.
SYScan ensures TSSA, CSA and UL approval on all equipment supplied.

Steve is a team leader ready to provide SYScan customers with quality production work and innovative designs.

Ray and Steve look forward to offering their wealth of skills and exciting design concepts to all in the Chemical Industry!


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